Do you want to make someone smile?  Maybe make their day today a little bit brighter? The best thing is that it doesn’t take much time or money on your part.  In fact, many of these can be done as a part of your normal routine and cost little or nothing.

You won’t know how many people are encouraged by your compassion because smiles are contagious. So why not try one or more of these 5 ways today to make the world a happier place.


  1. Write an encouraging note to others that have inspired you or that might need encouragement.

Little notes that are given to encourage are rare. That makes handwritten notes even more appreciated. Start a new practice of writing an encouraging note on a regular basis. Try this at your workplace too, you just might start a new trend!


  1. Ask a friend or relative if you can babysit their kid(s) for a day or evening.

If you are a parent, you know the value of being able to have a few hours of alone time without worrying about the kids. Don’t wait to be asked to babysit. Offer to do so that the parent can do something relaxing.


5 Unique ways to make someone smile

  1. Deliver a meal to someone you know that is sick or having a tough time.

We’ve all been sick and know that the last thing you want to do is to get out of bed. There might also come times when life is rough and it gets hard to do all the daily chores. You can be a remarkable help by providing a meal for a person in need.


  1. Volunteer to your local charity or church.

Every minute you dedicate your time to a charity will cause many smiles.  You will also be putting smiles on the faces of those people that are being helped through the organization.


  1. Thank everyone who help you throughout the week.

The list of those that you come in contact with in a week is endless.  Remember family members, friends, co-workers, teachers, employees, store clerks, janitors, those that deliver your mail, and servers at restaurants.


Don’t forget to smile and you will experience how easy it is to get even complete strangers to smile!

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