Starting a conversation in a group is not easy for everyone. Especially if you don´t feel comfortable with the people you are talking with. There could be that weird feeling of awkwardness at the start of the communication.

Here are 5 ways to starting a great conversation in a group of people:


1. Encourage everyone to get involved


When starting a conversation in a group, introducing people to each other might be necessary. That is if you are new to each other.

Connect a person from your group to the topic you are talking about by inviting him/her to contribute. Or you might just relate one person to another to start a dialogue.


2. Choose a general topic


When starting your conversation, choose an appropriate topic. It should be one that everyone in the group can relate to. This will let people feel that they belong. It’s also a great way to encourage everyone to share their ideas.

How to Start a Conversation in a Group


3. Break the ice


At first, there might be some discomfort among the group. You can be the one to break the ice. I bet everyone is just waiting for someone else to do this. You can do this by making a joke and getting them to laugh. You can also tell a short personal story. This may lead them to share too. Then, rest of the conversation will follow more naturally.


4. Do not drill people with questions


This really should be avoided especially when talking to a one person only. The person may feel like facing a firing squad. Asking too many questions to one person may let them feel uncomfortable. You might give that person a reason to shut out of the conversation. The other group members may also feel uncomfortable with this – they probably think that they will be asked next!


5. Ask open-ended questions


Open-ended questions require a more than Yes or No answer. These kind of questions will make the flow of your conversation much smoother. Open-ended questions can easily lead you to another topic.

Asking questions allows you to see which type of topics people are interested in discussing.

It is not necessary that you use all of these tips or to use them in specific order. You can just choose the ones that are most appropriate for the situation you find yourself in. What matters more, is using these tips to start up a conversation on a positive note.


After you begin experimenting with different ways to start conversations, you will soon notice the techniques that feel natural to you.

After that, starting a conversation in a group will be much easier for you. And before you know it you may even start enjoying meeting new people.

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