Many great things have started as a simple, creative idea.

Being creative and coming up with world-changing ideas occurs in the same way. Anyone can be creative but they have to be willing to start. The creative process will become more natural over time.

Follow these tips to boost your creativity and you will be on your way to generating new ideas that have the potential to change the world.

1. Record your ideas or keep a journal

Make sure you have a way to record your ideas. You never know when an important idea will present itself. You can also start writing an idea journal. Do this on a regular basis, and you’ll notice that you begin to have more ideas the moment you start to write. An idea that would normally be forgotten can stay in your memory by writing it down. Then your subconscious can start to work on it, and it might transform into something very creative.


2. Don’t limit yourself to ideas that seem possible

Capture all of your ideas. Even those that seem impossible to implement are important for a couple of reasons. First, what seems impossible to you may not be impossible sometime in the future or for someone else. Second, impossible ideas encourage further creative ideas that might be more likely to be implemented.


3. Want the mind of a creative inventor?

Start redesigning everything you see. Imagine better cars, faster ways to serve food, or better light bulbs. If you do this every day for three weeks, it will become a habit. Ask yourself “What if?” and “What else?” and “How else?” Always go beyond of what you first thought, find more and more different ideas.


4. Change your scenery or location

A change in scenery can stimulate the creativity inside you. A change might be as simple as looking out a window. You can also visit someplace new like a park, beach, or mall. The new environment can foster new ideas.


5. Think like a child

As adults we tend to think in a conditioned way aimed at showing how clever we are. Yet, as children, we were simply spontaneous and far more creative in our thinking. To re-capture your childhood curiosity, allow yourself to just wonder at things, to be completely present in the here and now, and to detach yourself from what you thought was real.


6. Think of different ways to do the familiar

Change the order in which you do things, use different things, use your other hand. If you paint, paint something totally different from your usual subjects. Even just driving a different route to work to see if it is quicker can encourage your creativity. Just get your mind working outside of its regular patterns. As soon as we break routine, we move from a state where we are on auto-pilot to one where we are alive and alert. You exercise unfamiliar brain connections and help build new links in your brain.


7. Make new connections

To be innovative doesn’t require a university degree; it simply requires making a connection between existing ideas. For instance, did you know that ice cream was invented in 2000 BC yet it took another 3900 years for someone to come up with the idea of a cone? It’s when you take two seemingly unrelated items and use the spark of creativity that genius happens.

Learn how to boost your creativity
8. Read on many topics

It is amazing how many things in a totally unrelated subject can prompt new ideas. By broadening your knowledge into more areas, you make your creativity potential grows.


9. Focus in short brainstorming sessions

It does not take a significant amount of time to brainstorm some potential ideas. In fact, brainstorming works best when done for short periods of time. Concentrate for a few minutes on generate as many ideas to address a specific area or problem. Then capture anything that comes to mind throughout the rest of the day. You will have several ideas for consideration for little investment of time. One of those could become something tremendous for helping others.


10. Think big

What question are you asking to prompt your ideas? The larger the question, the larger the impact those ideas may have on the world. You can start by addressing smaller problems but don’t limit yourself to those. You have unique experiences, knowledge and talents that should be applied to helping others on a grand scale as well.


You can be creative even if you don’t think you are. Don’t let your previous lack of creativity keep you from developing your ideas. Get started today.

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